Uphold deep insights into your customers and manage their interactions with your brand.

Socialheit offers you a highly personalized contact management platform which provides access to detailed view of all the contacts in a highly organized manner so as to keep your customers better engaged with your brand.

Our top-class features includes:

Single Page Contact Management

Our platform provides you a birds eye view on everything you need to know about a contact on a single page. This includes their work, personal and social profiles, all activity scheduling, points of engagement, deal status and related tasks and notes. Every interaction with a contact is tracked and updated in real time for you to see.

Contact Timelines

Visual timelines display complete histories of contact activity, deals added, profile updates, social updates and more. This visual display gives you a chance to keep up consistent knowledge into the entire movement history of a contact.



Plan your activities better and make sure that there are zero prospects being missed by you.

Since nobody can control the outcomes of leads, one can only make sure that you are aware of what activity is to be scheduled next for the lead and that they remain on top of mind. We offer you a highly personalized activity scheduling platform wherein you get customized views for easy access of your calendar.

Our top-class features includes:

Activity Scheduling

Easily schedule new activities by choosing existing contacts, choosing between available time slots and duration and let the system send invites to your contacts automatically. In case the contact info is not available in the system, you get an option to add info and system automatically creates new contact.

Calendar View

View all your scheduled activities in your calendar and manage your available days and time slots in an efficient way. System also allows you to create multiple activities for the same deal or contact. System will also send automatic email invite to the linked contact about the scheduled activity.



Track status and breakthrough points of your deals to make the sales process run smoothly.

Deals form the core of sales process and its critical to keep track of it to ensure success at every step. You can clearly observe the status of your deals in our pipeline view and understand their movement till date to make sure that the deals are successfully closed or won.

Our top-class features includes:

Multiple Views

Our platform provides you multiple views like list view, pipeline view and single page detailed view to get maximum insights into sales process and optimize your results. The single page detailed view enables you to edit all the details linked with the deal, for example contact, organization or activity details.

Drag and Drop Sales Process

Integrate your sales process with our drag-and-drop feature in pipeline view. Drag deals between milestones for sales process tracking and sales process automation. Easily edit details of contact, deal or organization in the pipeline view.